The truth about the cancellation of Travis Scott's concert at the pyramids

The truth about the cancellation of Travis Scott's concert at the pyramids

Musical professions: Travis Scott's concert in Egypt is canceled

Musical professions: Travis Scott's concert in Egypt is canceled

After social media campaigns that demanded the cancellation of Travis Scott's concert, which was scheduled to take place on July 28, in the Pyramids district of Giza in Egypt, the General Syndicate for Musical Professions issued a statement regarding the cancellation of the concert's license because it contradicts the identity of Egyptian culture.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Abdullah, a spokesman for the Syndicate of Musical Professions, told ET in Arabic that: “The Syndicate decided to cancel Travis Scott’s concert, because his concerts are inconsistent with the values and customs of the Egyptian people,” explaining that “the beginning is due to the fact that one of the companies The organization applied to the union to obtain the necessary permits to hold the party.

The truth about the cancellation of Travis Scott's concert at the Pyramids

He added, "The syndicate has been studying this matter, until the council reached all the strange rituals witnessed by Travis Scott's concerts, which are alien to the entire Egyptian society, which prompted a large segment of the public to oppose this event and demand its cancellation."

And he continued, "The Syndicate is very keen on preserving and advancing purposeful art, in a manner that does not contradict the authentic Egyptian norms and traditions, so the Syndicate Council decided to cancel the ceremony immediately in the interest of the public interest, regardless of any financial return that would have entered the Syndicate's treasury from behind this ceremony." .

He indicated that the organizing company will recover all its financial rights in the coming hours, after announcing the cancellation of the ceremony.

The Musicians Syndicate had issued a press statement regarding this concert, explaining that it had been decided to cancel the license issued to hold this type of concert, which contradicts the cultural identity of the Egyptian people.

The Syndicate, as the body entrusted with issuing licenses for holding musical and singing concerts in Egypt, in solidarity with the Ministry of Culture represented by the Censorship of Artistic Works and the Ministry of Manpower, stressed the need to put security considerations and approvals from the competent authorities as a top priority with regard to holding concerts, in order to guarantee and protect the masses.

ألغيت جولة ترافيس سكوت العالمية بعد مأساة Astroworld

The syndicate stated that it refuses to tamper with societal values, Egyptian and Arab customs and traditions, so it decided to “cancel the ceremony after polling the opinions of the pioneers of social media platforms, and after the syndicate received news, which included pictures and documented information about strange rituals for the star of this party that he presents during his performance and harnessing his tools in order to establish rituals that are inconsistent with Our values and traditions. ,

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